Netflix Raises Subscription Fee for New Customers

Its the little things which happen to you that can really brighten a otherwise slow day. The feeling is even better when its at the start of a weekend.


Netflix has officially hiked its prices for all new customers by $1(USD). The key word here being NEW. All new customers who sign up for possibly the best online streaming service there is on offer, will now have to pay $8.99 per month for a subscription.

However, current customers will remain on the $7.99 subscription fee for the next two years. This comes as a pleasant reward for netflixers around the world who can feel a little special knowing that their loyalty is being appreciated.

What does this say about Netflix?
The move most obviously represents Netflix’s confidence that it’s subscribers will keep growing and revenue will keep increasing. All of this will happen while maintaining its current user base which is close to crossing 30 million subscribers worldwide.

With original series like House of Cards and the constant addition of new seasons to other popular series, this user base and revenues have only just begun to grow.