Google and Motorola – Splitsville

We’ve all heard about Google breaking it off with Motorola last week and let’s be honest, we never really saw that working out too well. However, now that Motorola is out of the picture, Google can concentrate it’s resources into doing what they do best; Building Better Software.

Google Sells Motorola

This decision comes less than two years after the internet giant acquired the struggling mobile company in 2012 for a whopping USD 12.5 billion. With a loss of over 76% in terms of buying and selling figures alone, the sale was welcomed by Lenovo at USD 2.9 billion.


Lenovo have been struggling to get a foot in the door of the mobile tech community and this looks like a pretty good chance for them to work off with Motorola to make good devices. With this development, Lenovo just might be able to bump heads with the biggies like Apple and Samsung.

However, Google will still retain patent ownership to Motorola technologies. Seeing as this was the major reason Google acquired Motorola in the first place, this did not come as a surprise. Lenovo will still receive a license to use these patents though so things are looking up for the company.

Hopefully we can expect good thing coming from this merger.