Flappy Bird, Flapping No More

Flappy Bird Game Over

If you’re one of those people who hadn’t downloaded the Flappy Bird game in the short time that it was trending, you’ve just lost your chance to be part of history.

Dong Nguyen, the creator of this historic mobile device game that drew the ire of everyone who ever installed it, announced yesterday 9th Feb 2014, that he will be taking the game down to save himself from the backlash that this game has produced for him.

Even though it may be unusual for anyone to remove a popular game from the online stores due to social media backlash, it turns out that Dong is doing this while fully aware that he would be giving up on the $50k per day in ad revenue that the game generated for him. We can only imagine the discomfort he feels that has forced his hand into taking this drastic step.

Opportunists, however, have taken this chance to create and share their own variation of the Flappy Bird game in the Google play store.

Flappy Bird Fakes

So if you really want to see what the game looked like, you can still have a go at these replications.

As of this morning, Flappy Bird in no longer available on the App Store or Google Play.