The Arduous Techie is all about what’s new in the world of technology. It’s a place for people with a technical inclination to come and read about all the latest happenings from all over the world.

We’re basically a tech blog (don’t roll your eyes yet) but besides the more serious news, we’re very interested in the fun stuff and how technology is making a day-to-day impact in everyone’s lives.

About Dre

AnDre is a young technical enthusiast who got tired of visiting multiple websites just to get his daily dose of updates in the world of technology. By day he works as an SEO Expert, fixing up websites to show up higher in search engine rankings. With less time everyday to keep up with the “blink and it’s gone” world of technology, he decided to dedicate more time on gathering information and make it easier to access for the the other techies who work Arduously everyday to keep our world running.

– The Arduous Techie